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Francis, Smith & Associates Pty Ltd can offer many services including:

New plant or plant upgrade

Your existing plant may need to be upgraded or you may have an item of plant in need of refurbishment or modernisation.

We can provide a complete range of project management services.  Clients can choose to engage us in some or all of the following aspects of managing their particular project.

Working closely with the Client Company and staff to establish the project requirements such as product type, size and production capacities, we can assist with:


Prepare a full specification for new or additional items plant and equipment.

Determine the plant layout and building requirements in the case of a complete new plant, or design a plant layout to fit within an existing structure with minimal alterations.

Determine utility and manning requirements.

Undertake a full assessment of an existing item of plant and where possible recommend modifications or refurbishment work in order to update and improve performance.

Contact relevant suppliers, source appropriate equipment, and obtain all quotations and tender documents.

Prepare a project budget and budget control documents.

Prepare a project timetable and develop a critical path analysis to identify the critical activities which must be completed on time in order to meet the project completion deadline.


Work closely with the nominated suppliers to ensure that the plant is delivered, installed on time and commissioned to fully comply with the project specifications.

Work closely with the local personnel to ensure that the provision of all locally supplied items and services are coordinated and comply with the project timetable and budget.


Coordinate and assist with the commissioning of the new or upgraded plant.


Manufacturing efficiency

By undertaking a full audit of your manufacturing facility or specific problem area we may then:


Recommend and implement productivity/process improvement initiatives which will solve or minimise problems such as low first quality potting rates, high process losses.

Cost reduction

Recommend and implement cost saving initiatives such as material substitution, labour reduction or energy reduction.

Plant maintenance

Prepare refurbishment plans for existing plant and equipment in order to improve plant performance by reducing plant downtime, process losses and unnecessary maintenance costs.

Assist with maintenance planning, refurbishment plans, preparation and implementation of planned and preventive maintenance schedules, implementation of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) programs.

Quality, Training and Procedural documentation

To complement our project management services, we can also:

Operating procedures

Prepare documented standard operating procedures for all items of plant and job functions.

Operator training

Prepare operator training manual and implement training programs.

Quality Assurance

Prepare documentation and implement quality control procedures.

Prepare manuals, procedures and documentation for ISO 9000 accreditation.

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