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Upgrading or replacing your plant and equipment


Installing a new manufacturing facility

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Are you too busy, do not have enough time in the working day or are simply lacking the engineering resources ?

Then perhaps J2 Project Services can help?

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We can,

 Prepare project specifications

 Prepare project budgets, timetable and resource requirements

 Produce layout drawings

 Obtain quotations from suppliers and subcontractors

 Source plant and machinery

 Organise and supervise  subcontractors

 Coordinate the delivery of plant and materials

 Coordinate and assist with plant commissioning

 Sale or disposal of      second hand machinery


Additional Services



Process assessment and recommendations for loss reduction, productivity and quality improvement


Plant maintenance recommendations, planned and preventive maintenance schedules, sourcing of spare parts


Preparation of quality control and standard operating procedures documentation



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J2 Project Services are  experienced project engineers who can manage your project from conception through to completion.

From many years experience  managing installation projects with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars, we are able to  offer our clients a complete range of project management services



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