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Francis Smith and Associates Pty Ltd are industry specialists providing consultancy services to the manufacturers of ceramic products.

Extensive experience in project management, plant maintenance and production management, ensures that we can offer a range of services that will assist our clients achieve world best practice in the production of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and heavy clay products.

Siti kiln
Ceramic Equipment

As a result of many years involvement in the ceramics industry, the principals of Francis, Smith and Associates Pty Ltd have a broad range of manufacturing, technical and engineering knowledge and experience.

In addition, they have worked with many of the major suppliers of ceramic manufacturing plant and materials from around the world.

Francis Smith and Associates offer a broad range of engineering, technical and manufacturing based services to the ceramic industry.

Experienced in building, operating, maintaining and refining the performance of ceramic plants, we believe that we can apply a practical approachto help and assist our clients build and operate their own plants successfully.

Importantly, the service is provided independent of the major equipment and material suppliers enabling a completely unbiased approach to our work.

If you require:

  • New ceramic manufacturing plant or equipment
  • Expansion or upgrading of your plant
  • Formal procedures and documentation to ensure quality control
  • Improvement to quality or throughput or to reduce production costs and high process losses
  • Improved operator training programs and standard operating procedures
  • Improvement to your plant maintenance practices
  • A reduction in injury rates and machine downtime due to health and safety problems
  • Specific advice on the requirements of the Australian market, such as quality expectations, packaging weights, pallet requirements, labeling, bar coding etc.


Then Francis, Smith & Associates can assist!

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