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Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing ceramic plant, refurbish, modernise or build a new ceramic plant, Francis Smith & Associates can provide project management services to suit.

We work closely with the client company to establish the requirements for the ceramic plant including:

  • production capacity
  • product type
  • size

We can be engaged to assist with any aspect of the project from the planning, installation and commissioning, through to trouble-shooting, conducting audits for manufacturing efficiency, productivity, cost reduction and ceramic plant maintenance.

Ceramic plant
Ceramic plant upgrade

Francis Smith & Associates are also experienced with operating procedures, operator training and quality assurance.

Importantly, the service is provided independent of the major equipment and material suppliers enabling a completely unbiased approach to our work.

If you require:

  • New ceramic manufacturing plant or equipment
  • Expansion or upgrading of your ceramic plant
  • Formal procedures and documentation to ensure quality control
  • Improvement to quality or throughput or to reduce production costs and high process losses
  • Improved operator training programs and standard operating procedures
  • Improvement to your plant maintenance practices
  • A reduction in injury rates and machine downtime due to health and safety problems
  • Specific advice on the requirements of the Australian market, such as quality expectations, packaging weights, pallet requirements, labeling, bar coding etc.


Francis, Smith & Associates can help!

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